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Your Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is not one-size-fits-all. You need a plan of care that takes into account your injury, surgery, or symptoms and is designed specifically for you. Advantage Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation is dedicated to creating a physical therapy plan based on your needs as well as your goals and abilities. We want to help you get moving and pain-free!

Optimized Treatment

Depending on your symptoms and goals, therapy modalities will be chosen that are designed to assist you with your unique needs. Your treatment may include stretching, conditioning, heat, cold, electrical stimulation, or other techniques. The methods of treatment may be standard, but your treatment plan is unique to you.

Sports to Ergonomics

Muscle pain can come from many sources. You may picture athletes when you think about injuries and physical therapy, but strained muscles can happen in a myriad of situations. Whether you were injured playing a sport or by sitting in a chair that isn’t back-friendly at work, we will help you reduce inflammation and pain so that you can get back to the field—or the desk—as soon as possible.

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